Medical Testing

Providing a variety of medical testing
and health screening programs.

Fit For Duty

Experienced in assisting employers
with Fitness-for-Duty evaluations


Generating substantial savings in both lost work time and
medical costs associated with work-related injuries and illnesses.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • We offer a 24-hour drug screening and breath alcohol testing program.

Pre-employment Exams

  • Each physical that we perform can be tailored to your company’s specific job duties and requirements.

Employer Health Fairs

  • Work site health promotion stands out as a long-term answer for keeping your employees well.


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    “What To Expect From OSHA” Seminar on Tuesday, February 19th

    “What To Expect From OSHA” Seminar on Tuesday, February 19th

    OSHA’s “Top 10” list is nothing to brag about and it is certainly not as humorous as the famous “Top 10” from the Late Night Show. If anything, OSHA’s list may keep us up late at night worrying about how to avoid the various violations. Well, you can sleep tight because you have a trusted