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    COVID-19 Testing

    MOM is here to provide critical screening and testing solutions for your company and employees.

    Taking the right precautions ahead of time is your best course of action to protect your workforce from becoming infected. However, even with safeguards and processes in place, it is possible that you will have an employee(s) exposed, or test positive.

    In addition to COVID-19 testing, MOM also provides Antibody testing services. Antibody testing (blood draw) looks to see whether or not you have had COVID-19 and now have the antibodies against the virus.

    You can take comfort in knowing that the information and services being provided are coming from a trusted source – your MOM.

    • Drive Up Testing: All of COVID-19 testing is performed from the convenience & comfort of your vehicle. Designated parking spots are located on the back row of MOM’s parking lot and are clearly marked with instructions.
    • Walk-in service for COVID-19 testing is NOT This is a very coordinated & time sensitive process; therefore, an appointment is required.
    • Must call MOM to schedule an appointment. In addition to company authorization, the employee being tested must have an appointment.
    • Typical turnaround for results are within 24-72 hours post collection.
    • Rapid COVID-19 Testing (Antigen) is also available with results in about 15 minutes.
    • MOM conducts testing using a nasopharyngeal collection method (see image above). We utilize Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for lab-based tests which is the industry’s gold standard. Regarding the rapid testing, this is an antigen diagnostic test that detects specific proteins from the virus.


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