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    Drug Screening


    Macon Occupational Medicine is accredited by the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), which means our facility adheres to the highest possible standards to assure we protect our customers. All staff performing collections have undergone specialized training and credentialing to perform these services. Each staff member is required to pass a written exam on an annual basis to become Certified Professional Collectors (CPC). As required by DATIA, we have a Certified Professional Collector Trainer (CPCT) on staff to assure specific procedures and regulatory standards are followed at all times. All staff members are also required to undergo a 16-hour training course and pass a written exam to become a Certified Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT). We are also a member of the Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

    Facility Design

    Our facility is designed to assure confidentiality of the donor and assure the collection process meets appropriate regulatory standards. We have four rooms dedicated to collection services. Each room has a separate private conference area to collect the necessary information to complete the Chain of Custody. After the donor has completed the Control and Custody Form, he/she will enter the collection area, which has no running water and chemically colored water. Once the specimen has been collected, the donor returns to the private conference room and does not have to walk out into an area filled with other clients to protect his/her privacy. The Certified Professional Collector then adheres to specific protocols to assure the specimen has not been adulterated and completes the collection process.

    Types of Testing

    5, 7,8, or 10 Panel Drug Tests (lab send off and/or Quick Test) are available per your protocol. These drug tests screen for the following drugs: Amphetamines, Cocaine, Barbiturates, PCP, Cannabinoids, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Propoxyphene, and/or Ecstasy. Results are received within 24-48 hours with regular laboratory drug testing and 15 minutes with Quick Tests. Split Specimen’s (a second vile of the same specimen collected at the original date and time) are done for all tests sent to the laboratory for testing. This is done to assure that if a donor wants to challenge the results of the first test, then a confirmation test can be performed on the original specimen collected.

    MRO Services

    Macon Occupational Medicine staffs a physician who is a Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). Our Certified MRO assures that a test that is reported positive is truly a positive test. This includes a comprehensive protocol that we have designed that assures the collection procedures were done correctly, reviewing the results from the laboratory, and interviewing the donor to see if the positive results can be validated for any reason such as the use of prescription medication or a recent medical procedure. The MRO also assures standards are in place at the laboratory that completes the laboratory analysis. The laboratory we use for testing also adheres to the highest credentialing possible including SAMHSA and NIDA certification, along with being CAP accredited. The MRO services are done at no additional cost to you and are a part of our comprehensive substance abuse testing services.

    Legally Defensable

    By adhering to the standards and protocols we have put in place, we can assure you that all testing done will also be legally defendable. Our Certified Professional Collectors, MRO, and Toxicologist from our testing laboratory will always be available for testimony should it ever progress to that point.

    Service Availability

    Macon Occupational Medicine offers these services 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Therefore, if there is an incident at midnight and requires testing per your protocols, we can be paged and will respond within one hour to the location of the incident or to our facility. This will help you assure the time constraints are met to help return the worker back to work quicker and/or help you controvert the case if the incident occurred as a result of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Drug Free Workplace

    Macon Occupational Medicine is also a Drug Free Workplace, which means you can be assured that our employees practice the standards we adhere to in our testing protocols.

    If you would like more information on these services and how they can be utilized in your environment, please call Ginger Havard, Vice President of Client Relations, at (478) 751-2926.

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