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  • Drug Screening


    Macon Occupational Medicine is accredited by the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), which means our facility adheres to the highest possible standards to assure we protect our customers. All staff performing collections have undergone specialized training and credentialing to perform these services. Each staff member is required to pass a written exam on an annual basis to become Certified Professional Collectors (CPC). As required by DATIA, we have a Certified Professional Collector Trainer (CPCT) on staff to assure specific procedures and regulatory standards are followed at all times. All staff members are also required to undergo a 16-hour training course and pass a written exam to become a Certified Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT). We are also a member of the Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

    Facility Design

    Our facility is designed to assure confidentiality of the donor and assure the collection process meets appropriate regulatory standards. We have four rooms dedicated to collection services. Each room has a separate private conference area to collect the necessary information to complete the Chain of Custody. After the donor has completed the Control and Custody Form, he/she will enter the collection area, which has no running water and chemically colored water. Once the specimen has been collected, the donor returns to the private conference room and does not have to walk out into an area filled with other clients to protect his/her privacy. The Certified Professional Collector then adheres to specific protocols to assure the specimen has not been adulterated and completes the collection process.

    Types of Testing

    5, 7,8, or 10 Panel Drug Tests (lab send off and/or Quick Test) are available per your protocol. These drug tests screen for the following drugs: Amphetamines, Cocaine, Barbiturates, PCP, Cannabinoids, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Propoxyphene, and/or Ecstasy. Results are received within 24-48 hours with regular laboratory drug testing and 15 minutes with Quick Tests. Split Specimen’s (a second vile of the same specimen collected at the original date and time) are done for all tests sent to the laboratory for testing. This is done to assure that if a donor wants to challenge the results of the first test, then a confirmation test can be performed on the original specimen collected.

    MRO Services

    Macon Occupational Medicine staffs a physician who is a Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). Our Certified MRO assures that a test that is reported positive is truly a positive test. This includes a comprehensive protocol that we have designed that assures the collection procedures were done correctly, reviewing the results from the laboratory, and interviewing the donor to see if the positive results can be validated for any reason such as the use of prescription medication or a recent medical procedure. The MRO also assures standards are in place at the laboratory that completes the laboratory analysis. The laboratory we use for testing also adheres to the highest credentialing possible including SAMHSA and NIDA certification, along with being CAP accredited. The MRO services are done at no additional cost to you and are a part of our comprehensive substance abuse testing services.

    Legally Defensable

    By adhering to the standards and protocols we have put in place, we can assure you that all testing done will also be legally defendable. Our Certified Professional Collectors, MRO, and Toxicologist from our testing laboratory will always be available for testimony should it ever progress to that point.

    Service Availability

    Macon Occupational Medicine offers these services 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Therefore, if there is an incident at midnight and requires testing per your protocols, we can be paged and will respond within one hour to the location of the incident or to our facility. This will help you assure the time constraints are met to help return the worker back to work quicker and/or help you controvert the case if the incident occurred as a result of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Drug Free Workplace

    Macon Occupational Medicine is also a Drug Free Workplace, which means you can be assured that our employees practice the standards we adhere to in our testing protocols.

    If you would like more information on these services and how they can be utilized in your environment, please call Jonathan Pitts, Vice President, Client Relations, (478) 751-2930

  • Physical Examinations

    Preventative services and Post Offer screenings are an important part of controlling excessive workers’ compensation costs. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) does allow an employer to screen qualified applicants to determine their ability to perform essential job functions. Recent United States Supreme Court rulings have affirmed that employers may consider withdrawing a job offer in the individual is found to pose risk to themselves or others by performing the essential functions of the job. All physicals performed at Macon Occupational Medicine evaluate the individual’s ability to perform the essential functions of a job, while documenting pre-existing conditions that may pose a potential risk factor to the individual.Each physical that we perform can be tailored to your company’s specific job duties and requirements. Physicals can includ a physical exam performed by our physician, job specific strength and agility test, pulmonary functioning testing, pulmonary functioning testing, audiograms, vision testing, Radiologic (x-ray) evaluations, TB skin tests, vaccinations, and a variety of laboratory tests. All physicals that fall under Federal Regulatory Standars, including the Department of Transportation (DOT), are completed in accordance with the specific forms and guidelines of each statute.

    Physicals provided include:

    • Post Offer Physicals
    • DOT Physicals
    • Hazardous Material Physicals
    • Respirator Physicals
    • Return to Work Physicals
    • Annual Physicals

    If you would like more information on these services and how they can be utilized in your environment, please call Jonathan Pitts, Vice President of Client Relations, at (478) 751-2930 or via email.


    doctor consultation

  • Impairment Evaluations

    According to the State of Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Rules and Regulations, Impairment Ratings (PPD) are only to be calculated using the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, American Medical Association, Fifth Edition.During our evaluation, we will concentrate specifically on the area or areas of impairment. For example, if the lumbosacral spine is the only area of impairment, then we will concentrate testing procedures to that area only. Our evaluation includes a comprehensive history and physical evaluation to the area(s) of impairment. The nature of the physical evaluation will depend on specific testing requirements based on the area(s) of impairment as described in the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, American Medical Association, Fifth Edition. Typically, this will consist of range of motion testing, using a goniometer and/or inclinometer, sensory testing, motor testing, and strength testing. Based on the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, American Medical Association, Fifth Edition, only objective and consistent data can be used to determine a percent impairment.

    We charge the allowable fee as noted in the State Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule. Based on Workers’ Compensation Laws in Georgia, if Impairment Ratings are done by anyone other than the treating physician, they do require physician approval. Therefore, we do require physician authorization for us to do the impairment evaluation and will require physician approval for our recommended rating to become official. In addition to physician authorization, we ask that a specific diagnosis, with an ICD-9 code, be provided along with all of the relevant medical records prior to the evaluation.

    If you would like more information on Impairment Evaluations and how they can be utilized in your work setting or promoting case closure, please call Leonard Bevill, Chief Executive Officer, at (478) 751-2925.

  • Workers' Compensation Treatment

    I. Physician Initial and Follow-up Visits

    • Unless otherwise directed, the status of each visit will be communicated by phone to the Company contact by the Physician or Nurse. After the phone call, the injury status form will be faxed. This form will also document the time the patient signs in and what time they sign out.
    • Please note the Physician is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

    II. Rehabilitation Visits

    • Unless otherwise directed, the status of each visit will be faxed to the Company contact. This form will also document the time in and time out.

    III. Notification of No Shows and Cancellations

    • Unless otherwise directed, if an injured employee no shows or cancels their appointment, we will send a fax to the Company contact on the day this occurs that documents this non-compliance.
    • After five (5) business days, if the injured employee has not been seen or the visit has not been rescheduled, we will contact the Company Contact via phone to discuss the case.

    IV. Referrals

    • If an injured employee requires an outside referral, we will notify the Company contact for approval prior to making this referral and coordinate with the Insurance Carrier as well.
    • After the referral and appointment have been made, we will follow up with the referral source and notify the Company contact of the findings.

    V. Ongoing Treatment

    • The National average for acute work related injuries is 4 physician visits and 6 rehabilitation visits. To adhere to this benchmark, we have developed a protocol to help you manage cases more efficiently and effectively.
    • If an injured employee exceeds the 4th physician visit or 6th rehabilitation visit, the chart will be flagged for the physician to conduct an in-depth case review regarding the status. Information related to this review will be provided via our medical note and/or phone call to the Company contact. This may include but not limited to, referral for diagnostic testing, referral to outside Physician for evaluation, and/or future physician and rehabilitation visits.

    For any and all case management needs, please us at 478-751-2920.

    Workers Comp Exam

  • Rehabilitation Services

    At Macon Occupational Medicine, our Rehabilitation program provides comprehensive, cost-effective services to meet the needs of our clients. The goal of our program is to assist in the management of injuries through objective and effective rehabilitation techniques. Early and aggressive rehabilitation of acutely injured workers has been proven to promote quicker healing and quicker return to unlimited work activities. MOM provides comprehensive rehabilitation services using and “Industrial Athlete” approach to promote effective injury management protocols. Our therapists provide intense one-on-one injury specific exercise protocols, effective use of therapeutic modalities, and injury prevention training. To assist in a complete case management of an injured worker, MOM also provides comprehensive return to work rehabilitation programs to assure safe and productive return to gainful employement. In conjunction with this aggressive intervention, our therapists develop individualized care plans that also identify risk factors for injury reduction while providing advanced education on injury prevention

    Rehabilitation Services provided through Macon Occupational Medicine promote the following benefits:

    • Comprehensive Care Models: We provide care to all patient types including ones who are acutely injured to ones who need post surgical care. We also provide comprehensive wound care. We have three different sized whirlpools available to treat from a single extremity or if needed up to the full body size.
    • Prompt scheduling of referrals: Patients are seen within 1 to 2 business days of receiving a completed referral. This means quicker entry into rehab & faster case resolution.
    • Typed progress notes on all patients so there is no interpretation of medical symbols or having to guess what the progress note indicates.

    In addition to the services above we also perform:

    • Functional Capacity Evaluations: Provides an objective measure of a person’s work capacities, reasons for limitations, and measure of effort and possible symptom magnification.
    • Impairment Ratings: When a patient has reached maximum medical improvement, this assessment helps to determine physical capacity and presents closure for a particular case.
    • Work Conditioning: A bridge between therapy and return to work to condition patients for the demands of the job.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to call Jonathan Pitts, Vice President of Client Relations, at (478) 751-2930 or via email.

  • Health and Employee Wellness Programs

    In our continuous effort to offer a “one-stop shop” for occupational medicine, Macon Occupational Medicine is in the process of introducing an Employee Wellness Program for industries in Central Georgia. The goal of this program will be to create a healthier lifestyle, workplace, and to prevent injuries. Now that Americans are working more and more, the workplace would be the ideal place to address health and wellness issues.

    According to the Wellness Councils of America, more than 81% of American businesses with 50 or more employees have some form of health promotion program for their employees. The most popular programs include: exercise, smoking cessation classes, back care, and stress management. Most employers offer wellness programs simply because they think the benefits outweigh the cost. Worksite health promotion stands out as a long-term answer for keeping your employees well in the first place. The results from some of Americas’ finest companies have shown numerous benefits from having a health promotion and wellness program.

    There are tangible benefits associated with workplace wellness programs. These benefits include:

    • Improve morale
    • Reducing turnover
    • Increasing recruitment potential
    • Reducing absenteeism
    • Containing health care cost
    • Increase productivity

    Macon Occupational Medicine is planning to offer health education seminars on exercise, smoking cessation, back care, stress management, blood pressure, diabetes, and nutrition.

    We would like the opportunity to discuss how this program may benefit your company. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Jonathan Pitts, Vice President, Client Relations, at (478) 751-2930.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

    Macon Occupational Medicine is dedicated to a comprehensive and effective approach to management of work injuries. Not only do we provide effective and immediate care of the musculoskeletal aspects of work injury, we now have increased our effectiveness in performing Functional Capacity Evaluations.Because of the rapid advancements made in the Rehabilitation field, Macon Occupational Medicine has adopted protocols for Functional Capacity Evaluations developed by Isernhagen Work Systems (IWS), which are internationally recognized for methods in reduction of work disability.A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive, objective test of a person’s ability to perform work-related tasks. It gives everyone involved a concise, unbiased report on the worker’s physical ability to perform work. The IWS method is musculoskeletally oriented so both abilities and limitations of an injured worker can be evaluated as they relate to physical and functional findings.

    Purpose of an FCE:

    1. Educating the worker regarding their abilities and limitations to ensure safe and productive return to work.
    2. Ensuring the employer is aware of the physical demands of the job and the worker’s physical capacity and limitations regarding return to work.
    3. Enabling the physician to have confidence in accurate functional testing that leads to a medical release for return to work, appropriate work rehabilitation, or worker/worksite modifications.
    4. Assisting the Insurance System (Carriers, TPA’s, Case Managers, Claims Administrators, Social Security Administrators, etc.) to close cases efficiently and effectively.
    5. Providing attorneys, whether for the employer or employee, with objective functional testing and abilities of the client.

    The IWS FCE is based on internationally accepted principles used by physical and occupational therapists for identification of abilities and limitations of an injured worker.

    Advantages of an IWS FCE:

    1. Emphasis on return to work physical abilities explained in clear, objective language. It focuses on ABILITIES not RESTRICTIONS.
    2. The information describes the worker at the highest level of productivity based on safe use of strength and endurance evaluated by scientifically based criteria.
    3. A 13-point consistency checklist will identify if consistent-reliable performance was given.
    4. The information will allow you to place a client at the safest level of work, avoiding activities beyond their safe abilities but yet allowing the highest level of functioning possible.
    5. Utilizes a kinesio-physical approach rather than a psychological-physical approach. The psychological-physical method allows the client to control his/her evaluation by potentially self-limiting their capacity due to discomfort or any other psychological factors that may impact their evaluation. The kinesio-physical method allows for the following:
      • maximum objective strength of an individualtolerance levels of activities based on objective physical observations
      • safety precautions to ensure no injuries during the testing procedure and that the client is aware of the difference between safe and unsafe procedures
      • ability to identify sub-maximal efforts and the presence of a self-limiting individual

    Communication of results:

    • You may receive verbal results immediately after FCE completion if you make this known to us in advance.
    • A conference can be scheduled within 2-7 days after the FCE to discuss results with all parties involved.
    • Written reports will be provided within 3 business days.

    We look forward to your referrals for IWS FCE. We believe you will find our method to be an extremely clear-cut evaluation of a person performing work activities. We recommend that a job description be provided along with the referral or we can perform a job analysis. This will facilitate the return to work process through use of the job-matching grid.

    If you would like more information on Functional Capacity Evaluations and how they can be utilized in your work setting or assessing an injured worker’s ability to return to work, please call Leonard Bevill, Chief Executive Officer, at (478) 751-2925.

  • Safety Programs

    Macon Occupational Medicine offers a variety of comprehensive safety programs to assist industries in meeting their regulatory requiremnts in the area of occupational health and safety. From preliminary walk-through plant surveys to comprehensive exposure evaluations, detailed compliance strategies are tailored to fit the individual employer’s needs.

    Our team of highly trained professionals include those who are certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, Board Certified Safety Professionals, and Certified Ergonomic Evaluators. These professionals also include those who have previously worked for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This team of highly trained professionals will identify and assess potential work hazards and develop strategies for eliminating or reducing hazard exposure.

    If you would like more information on these services and how they can be utilized in your environment, please call Leonard Bevill, Chief Executive Officer, at (478) 751-2900.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • COVID-19 Testing

    MOM is here to provide critical screening and testing solutions for your company and employees.

    Taking the right precautions ahead of time is your best course of action to protect your workforce from becoming infected. However, even with safeguards and processes in place, it is possible that you will have an employee(s) exposed, or test positive.

    In addition to COVID-19 testing, MOM also provides Antibody testing services. Antibody testing (blood draw) looks to see whether or not you have had COVID-19 and now have the antibodies against the virus.

    You can take comfort in knowing that the information and services being provided are coming from a trusted source – your MOM.

    • Drive Up Testing: All of COVID-19 testing is performed from the convenience & comfort of your vehicle. Designated parking spots are located on the back row of MOM’s parking lot and are clearly marked with instructions.
    • Walk-in service for COVID-19 testing is NOT This is a very coordinated & time sensitive process; therefore, an appointment is required.
    • Must call MOM to schedule an appointment. In addition to company authorization, the employee being tested must have an appointment.
    • Typical turnaround for results are within 24-72 hours post collection.
    • Rapid COVID-19 Testing (Antigen) is also available with results in about 15 minutes.
    • MOM conducts testing using a nasopharyngeal collection method (see image above). We utilize Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for lab-based tests which is the industry’s gold standard. Regarding the rapid testing, this is an antigen diagnostic test that detects specific proteins from the virus.
  • Flight Medical Exams

    Guy D. Foulkes, M.D., FAOA, an avid pilot himself, has partnered with MOM to provide the following FAA Medical Exams:

    • Basic
    • Class 2
    • Class 3

    You now have a trusted partner in Middle Georgia who has the same goal as you: Keep flying!

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