Michael Benton - Operations Manager - Parts Central Inc.

"I work for Parts Central, and I have used MOM for the last seven years for workers' comp issues. I feel that the staff is really on top of the ball and way ahead of other clinics when dealing with WC issues. The staff is friendly and professional. They know what to look for when it comes to a WC case."

-- Michael Benton
Operations Manager
Parts Central Inc.

Tom Carver - HSE Manager - First Quality

"MOM has provided excellent medical care for our employees, providing treatment with the well-being of our employees as the most important value.

MOM provides exceptional assistance with  immediate return-to-work without restrictions. The staff is well trained in Occupation Health and Medicine, including OSHA and Federal Standards.

The facilities are world class, and we receive professional service and treatment from the entire staff.

MOM has assisted in finding solutions and making themselves available to answer questions to support our safety and health processes. Our Teammates comment on how well they are treated by the staff, including the personal care above the medical treatment.

Texbond appreciates the Commitment to Excellence demonstrated by MOM."

--Tom Carver
HSE Manager
First Quality

Cleo Mobley - Field Office - Fred White Construction

"I would like to thank you at Macon Occupational for all the hard work you do and for all the services that you provide the work places.  We use Macon Occupational for all our work related issues including new employment drug screens, DOT drug screens and Dot physicals and for our workmens' comp claims.  We have always received prompt, friendly, professional services. Thank You!"

--Cleo Mobley
Field Office
Fred White Construction

Bibi Weiss - Raffield Tire Master

"Like I mentioned to you, part of Raffield Tires hiring process is getting drug tested and having a pre-employment physical and agility test.

I went to Macon Occupational Medicine.  I got there by 7:30 AM, and the waiting room was already full!  I thought to myself, I'll be here all day!  The front office staff was very organized and you could tell this was their "normal".  They had all the paperwork on clipboards ready for all who came in to fill out.  It was an easy process.

After I was called in, the staff was very courteous and I liked that they explained the process to me.  I did the drug test, then the doctor came in and did a physical exam, and then the agility testing was done.  The staff was so nice and friendly.  It really made the experience fun.  They even cheered me on as I was doing the laps around the room, and going up and down the stairs!

I'm glad to have had that experience, and know when we send our new or prospective hires to Macon Occupational Medicine, they will be taken care of."

--Bibi Weiss
Raffield Tire Master

Mike Fetzer - Plant Manager - Down River

"I would like to take time to thank all the great people at "Macon Occupational" for the wonderful service they have provided Down River throughout the years. We use them for different services including pre-employment drug screening, workmen's comp, annual hearing tests and others. Because of our VPP status we have a plant inspection every 2 years by one of the doctor's at Macon Occupation, this year Dr. Grant did our plant tour looking at ergonomic equipment used in production, safety areas, machine and conveyor layouts and other potential safety risks......a question and answer period ended the tour......Jonathan Pitts setup in the annual "Down River Health Fair" with our staff which was well received by the employees."

- Mike Fetzer
Plant Manager
Down River

Charles Cofer - Goodwill Industries of MiGA and the CSRA

"The training today was wonderful and having attended a lot of substance abuse specific trainings in the past, I can tell from the audience that I surely wasn't the only one that felt that way, or came away with a better understanding of what Macon Occupational Medicine offers and how you all are so willing to serve your client base and the community at large. That being said I want to give a  big SHOUT OUT and they ROCK to the ladies that work up front. They are not only amazing but courteous and professional  and make the experience of walking up to that window pleasant, which dispels most people's apprehension when coming in the door."

--Charles Cofer
Goodwill Industries of MiGA and the CSRA